ARCOM Group: at Auchan - with Visa card

ARCOM group provided Auchan with signature-capturing pin-pads Ingenico ISC 250 which will let buyers pay for purchases with a Visa credit card


Arcom received certificate of "Bank industrial center"

Arcom received certificate of 'Bank industrial center' which certifies that ARCOM UNIVERSAL EMV POS/SV ver.2.0 software for Pos terminals and Pin-Pads correspond to SVFE_ISO8583_1R38 protocol.

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More than 15 years experience of ARCOM Group in software development enabled to create a program complex for POS-terminals that work with the majority of host solutions of the banks processing centers. Because of that the company has the leading position in the field of projects realization on the basis of bank plastic cards. Hundreds of banks of Russia, CIS and the far abroad countries successfully maintain Ingenico terminal equipment with our Arcom EMV POS SoftWare.