ARCOM Group: at Auchan - with Visa card

ARCOM group provided Auchan with signature-capturing pin-pads Ingenico ISC 250 which will let buyers pay for purchases with a Visa credit card


Arcom received certificate of "Bank industrial center"

Arcom received certificate of 'Bank industrial center' which certifies that ARCOM UNIVERSAL EMV POS/SV ver.2.0 software for Pos terminals and Pin-Pads correspond to SVFE_ISO8583_1R38 protocol.

Service  The Support of Software

Complex interactive support system

With aim to increase efficiency of actions related to software products introduction and support ARCOM GROUP implemented the automated system of registration and processing of our clients requests. For request registration in our system it is enough to send an e-mail on address. Unique identification number will be assigned to your request and you will receive confirmation letter with parameters of an entry to interactive system. As soon as you have access to system you can track the status of application processing and receive additional information on questions you are interested in.

Software support

While operating software, users sometimes have questions about some functions usage or have offers on product improvement and the remark about its work. For these purposes ARCOM offers services in technical support and software development.

ARCOM company has specialists of a high quality who will consult you by phone or e-mail concerning installation, adjustment and use of the software products which were developed by our company. Technical support consists of:

Before applying to the technical support it is necessary to get acquainted to corresponding items in the equipments and software documentation. May be it already contains answers to your questions.

When you apply to a technical support service it is important to formulate correctly your question. Thus it is necessary to describe in detail sequence of actions or situation that led to such a result (for example, an error) and to explain why this result is considered to be wrong. It will help specialists of a technical support service to answer your question quickly and precisely.

When you apply to a technical support service for consultation by phone, it is desirable to keep in hand used equipment or to be near to the computer where the system is installed and to know number of your software product version, model and the version of an operating system of the equipment.

You can also apply to technical support service by e-mail. Thus in the letter it is necessary to specify:

  • Organization name
  • Name and version of the software
  • Equipment model

Then it is necessary to describe in detail your question and if it is possible to attach trace of process files or other supportive materials.

You can contact our technical support by phone and the Email-address mentioned on page CONTACTS or to send request to address (as a topic of the letter it is desirable to specify "< Name of your organization> / a topic of the request".


At customers option ARCOM offers services in implementation of the software products developed by our company. Products and solutions services allow the customer to receive in the shortest terms the working tool that is correctly installed, completely ready for operation and properly adjusted by highly skilled specialists.
Our experience in software development shows that without the planned and accurately carried out implementation no information system will give the maximum return of committed facilities. Product implementation services include: software product installation, installation and configuration of software product under individual requirements of the customer, functioning correctness check of implemented equipment.
ARCOM Group companys experts can provide as remote implementation of the system by means of Internet so to carry out implementation right on place. Implementation process can also include personnel training of the final client.