ARCOM Group: at Auchan - with Visa card

ARCOM group provided Auchan with signature-capturing pin-pads Ingenico ISC 250 which will let buyers pay for purchases with a Visa credit card


Arcom received certificate of "Bank industrial center"

Arcom received certificate of 'Bank industrial center' which certifies that ARCOM UNIVERSAL EMV POS/SV ver.2.0 software for Pos terminals and Pin-Pads correspond to SVFE_ISO8583_1R38 protocol.

Software  Software for Banks

The bank software Arcom EMV POS SoftWare

The Priority direction for ARCOM group is development of the software for POS-terminal Ingеnico equipment. Our specialists developed software that surpasses similar products of competitors not only in availability, but also in functioning. Arcom EMV POS SoftWare is compatible to the basic processings that are present both on Russian, and on International markets.
Our Software is used in leading banks of Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia and the far abroad countries. Arcom EMV POS SoftWare has passed certification on EMV Level II and is intended for servicing international plastic cards with a magnetic strip, chip and hybrid cards Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, EMV certification, VSDC, M-CHIP, and also contactless cards Visa Wave, MasterCard PayPass. Arcom EMV POS SoftWare allows working with local payment systems SBERKARD, Zolotaya Korona and Union Card.

Besides Financial operations:

  • Purchase
  • Return
  • Preauthorization
  • Preauthorization end
  • Purchase with cash issuing
  • Money placement
  • Cash issuing
  • Balance (account status)
  • Slip entering
  • Cancelling (of the purchase, return, preauthorization, preauthorization end),

Arcom EMV POS SoftWare supports a number of Administrative operations:

  • Connection check
  • Verification of results
  • Loading of keys by means of ARCOM KEY LOADER 1
  • Summary record
  • Full report (journal)

The main advantage of Ingenico products line is single hardware-software platform Unicapt 32. Presence of a single kernel allows software seamless porting between different models of terminals. Thus we reduce time of preparation of the equipment to operation as much as possible.

Apart from already mentioned software advantages there is a possibility of adjustment of supported currencies and types of serviced cards thanks to the Terminal Management System TMS.
We confirm that our Software Arcom EMV POS SoftWare completely corresponds to requirements of the market and International systems.