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ARCOM Group: at Auchan - with Visa card

ARCOM group provided Auchan with signature-capturing pin-pads Ingenico ISC 250 which will let buyers pay for purchases with a Visa credit card

The biggest retailer Auchan Russia and the international payment system Visa in cooperation with VTB24 announced the acceptance of Visa cards in the chain markets. The first hypermarket, that started accepting Visa cards, was Auchan Sokolniki.

Hypermarkets Auchan are first in Russia to use innovative terminals. Pin-pads ISC 250 representative of new line of multimedia payment terminals. This version distinguishes by modern and stylish design that blends into any environment - from the cashier station to the bank clearing center.

ISC250 allows to make instant transactions due to platform Tellium2. Testing card acceptance by Auchan has shown that payment by Visa on Ingenico terminals increased the speed of customer service at the cashier in average of 30%.

Tierry Lecont, Financial Director of Auchan Russia, says: The solution of bank Visa cards in the hypermarket Auchan has been dictated in the first place, by the company's commitment to a continuous improvement of customer service, to offer new services, and to provide a choice of payment methods

    Clients have noticed several advantages of new terminals:
  • no need to pass Card to the cashier, which allows the buyer to control the payment process;
  • colored screen makes the payment process more enjoyable;
  • sign on the terminal screen is much faster and more convenient than on a paper check.

The introduction of innovative and advanced technologies in Russia is an evidence of the importance of the Russian market for Visa company and its commitment to continue to invest in the development of modern and reliable electronic payments, - noticed Stiven Parker, the General Director of Visa in Russia, countries of SNG and South-East of Europe.

It is planned that by the end of 2011 Visa cards will be accepted in all hypermarkets Auchan Russia.

'We are extremely grateful to Auchan for the choice of ARCOM group as a supplier of equipment and development of payment applications. For more than 15 years, our company has been the official distributor of hardware Ingenico, which is the most innovative payment terminal showing high performance on the todays market.
Selected by Auchan PIN pads ISC 250 are more than the payment device. They allow the retail market to create solutions that bring real value to the business and customers. Hopefully, customers will be able to appreciate the convenience and speed of service, when making payments on the first device with a signature capture in Russia' - said commercial director of ARCOM group, Natalia Krutikova.


Arcom received certificate of "Bank industrial center"

Arcom received certificate of 'Bank industrial center' which certifies that ARCOM UNIVERSAL EMV POS/SV ver.2.0 software for Pos terminals and Pin-Pads correspond to SVFE_ISO8583_1R38 protocol requirements for connection to Smart Vista Front-End processing system.

About 'BPC-Bank technologies Company'

BPC is an international company which specializes in the field of development and supplies of technological solutions for automatization of retail financial business. All BPC projects are realized on the base of their own developments families of program products 'Smart Vista' for organization of card processing and elaboration of electronic payments. Major clients of BPC Company are the biggest and dynamically developing banks of Russia, CIS and South-East Asia.

Information about ARCOM group:

ARCOM group offers full complex of professional services and innovative solutions in the field of advanced payment technologies in territory of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad. ARCOM group carries out:

  • Delivery of POS - terminals and PIN pads, and peripheral devices;
  • Software development and implementation;
  • Bank equipment service;
  • Outsourcing support of a complete infrastructure of acquiring networks;
  • Staff training.


ARCOM group invites to visit conference and an exhibition Intellectual Russia cards 2009

Arcom appears at the Twelfth Moscow international forum of payment cards in Russia and the Fourteenth international conference and exhibition Intellectual Russia cards 2009 as a general sponsor.

Organizers: Association of Russian banks, National agency of plastic cards and Federal agency of information technologies.

The event will take place in Moscow on 24-25th of November 2009, hotel Kosmos.

Experts of ARCOM group will be glad to welcome you at the company stand. You will receive full information about new software products and solutions of ARCOM group. And also you can get consultation from our experts in all points of interest.

To register and receive more detailed information you can on the website:


Publication in information-analytical magazine "PLUS"

ARCOM group: a key to success in crisis client oriented strategy is published in information-analytical magazine PLUS, 4 (144), May 2009, in section The Company in focus.


Publication in information-analytical magazine "PLUS"

An article of Aleksandrov P. D, the General Director of ARCOM GROUP company: 'Conformity to market requirements - a success guarantee!' is published in information-analytical magazine 'PLUS', 6 (136), August 2008, in section 'the Company in focus'.


ARCOM group obtained a Certificate from Open Way on software.

ARCOM group obtained a Way4 Certificate on NewWay POS ver.4.0.2 software for terminals UNICAPT 32 equipped by pin-pads. This software meets all the requirements of OpenWay EMV and presents compatibility with Way4 Card Management System, including dynamic key change, encryption procedure GISKE and payments to thirds man.

About ARCOM group company:

ARCOM group Company is one of the leaders on Russian market in the field of acquiring solutions. We offer both ready modules, and specialized software products starting from solution for EMV acquiring for cash registers to the budget funds management in hospitals of everyone who has compulsory health insurance. All products developed by ARCOM group are created considering international and Russian standards.

About Open Way company:

The international group of companies OpenWay is based in 1995 with the purpose of working out and promotion of new generation WAY4 solutions for release and service of retail bank products on the basis of payment cards and processing of financial transactions in a real time mode 24x7. Today solutions WAY4 Switch, WAY4 Card and Merchant Management and WAY4 Smart Card Personalization of OpenWay company have been chosen by more than 80 banks, processing and telecommunication companies in 15 countries. Constructed on platform Oracle and UNIX clusters, systems on the basis of WAY4 are approved for service more than 3000 authorizations in a second and more than 15 million cards. High degree of automation, flexibility, productivity and reliability provide efficiency of WAY4 solutions as within the limits of specialized innovative projects, so large-scale solutions of the leading companies.


Tieto certified Arcom groups' software for EMV card acceptance for Ingenico POS-terminals

Tieto and ARCOM group cooperate in providing banks of Russia and CIS countries with solutions for acquiring execution on Ingenico POS-terminal equipment.

Tieto certified Arcom groups' software for EMV card acceptance for Ingenico POS-terminals that may now be successfully used together with Card Suite Acquiring solution.

'Successful cooperation with Tieto and certification followed is considered by us as a guarantee of the correspondence of our solutions to high safety and quality standards that provides our users with the maximum speed of implementation and effectiveness of the following exploitation' says Pavel Alexandrov, the General Manager of ARCOM group.

Maris Ozolins the head of department of Cards, Financial Services, of Tieto Corporation declares: 'cooperation with stable and reliable companies helps us to provide our clients with checked solutions and gives additional convenience with project implementation.'

Contact information:
Maris Ozolinsh the head of department of Cards, Financial Services, of Tieto Corporation,
tel. +371 6 7286 660

Pavel Alexandrov, the General Manager of ARCOM group,
tel. +7 812 363 3113

Information about ARCOM group

ARCOM group is one of the leaders on Russian market in the field of acquiring solutions. We offer ready modules as well as specialized program products, starting from solutions for EMV acquiring for cash registers to budget funds accounting in hospitals for each person insured by compulsory health insurance. All products of ARCOM group are developed in compliance with international and Russian standards.

Information about Tieto:

Tieto is an IT service company providing IT, R&D and consulting services. With approximately 16 000 experts, we are among the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and the global leader in selected segments. We specialize in areas where we have the deepest understanding of our customers' businesses and needs. Our superior customer centricity and Nordic expertise set us apart from our competitors.
Tieto is our new brand name as of 1 December 2008. The official registered name of the company is TietoEnator Corporation.


Arcus is integrated with cash software "Dash-M"

Project which provides cooperation of programs such as 'Dash-M; RMK 6.0' and other cash products of 'Dash-M' with acquiring solution of 'Promsvjazbank', which services are being used by large shop networks in Moscow and in regions, is an example of successful collaboration with banks in the field of development of solutions for acceptance of EMV cards in the area of large retail networks. Close cooperation of our experts allowed to observe all safety rules of international payment systems and realize coupling of cash software 'Dash-M;RMK 6.0' and 'Arcom' solution 'Arcus 2' on the base of intellectual pin-pads 'Ingenico', vendor of which in Russia is the 'Arcom Group Company', in the short time.

Main expert in the branch of maintenance of trade and service organizations of Management of the bank cards 'Promsvjazbank'- Danillychev Andrey responds about done work:

'We are very satisfied by cooperation with company 'Dash-M'. The development was done in the undertime. At this time the bundle 'Promsvjazbank-Arcom-RMK 6.0' has been successfully tested. Optimization of the module of authorization of 'Promsvjazbank' which considerably have accelerated the procedure of calculation of buyers on cash desk also became a positive moment. In addition to that a unique possibility of returning money back on the bank card holder account in the online-mode, in case of cancellation of purchase appeared in that solution. This cooperation brought both sides mutual benefit.'


The solution "Arcus 2" is introduced in the system "Info-Pharmacy"

The hardware-software system 'Arcus 2' on the base of pin-pads 'Ingenico' has been successfully integrated in the cash system of 'Info-Pharmacy' of company 'Alliance Healthcare Russia'. Hardware-software system 'Arcus' is a set of hardware-software items, which allow to provide taking of cashless payments on the cash registers with international and local cards, including EMV cards and non-contact type cards. Hardware-software system 'Arcus' saves your time and money, and claims vendor of cash solution only to provide 'transit through the cash machine'.
About 'Arcom Group'- 'Arcom Group Company' is a vendor of hardware-software integrated solutions in the field of acquiring on the base of POS and intellectual pin-pads. Our clients are more than 100 banks, such as 'Sberbank of Russian Federation', 'Alfa-Bank', 'Bank of Moscow', 'Promsvyazbank', 'Multicard', and 'VTB'.


"Arcom" and "Alfa Bank" have signed a contract on delivery of POS terminals in 2009.

According to the official results of tender commission on delivery of terminal equipment for 'Alfa Bank' the winner is 'Arcom'.
Within this contract for the period of 2008-2009 'Arcom' will provide 'Alfa Bank' with POS terminals Ingenico 5100, Ingenico 7910 and pin-pads Ingenico 3050, and also with software Arcom UNICAP EMV POS, processed by 'Arcom Company'.

About 'Alfa Bank'

'Alfa Bank' was created in 1990. 'Alfa Bank' is a universal bank, which performs all major types of bank transactions which are introduced on the financial market, including maintenance of individual and corporate clients, investment-banking business, trade financing and controlling the assets.


Strategic collaboration with "Network Systems Group"

'Network System Group Company' (NSG) is a designer and a producer of network equipment, was created in 1992.

Major production of the company is module multiprotocol routers and commutators of packages for networks TCP/IP, Frame Relay, X.25. Personal hardware and software developments and also high-quality elementary base from the leading universal vendors are used for 'NSG' production. This company has been appearing on Russian market since 1995. Serial manufacture is located on the radio-electric factories in Moscow and Moscow region. The annual volume of procurements is about 3000 devices.

The cost of 'NSG' production is far less than the cost of other brand name production, at comparable functionality and productivity. This allows 'NSG' successfully compete with them on considerably packed market of one-time procurements and also to win long-time tenders and nationwide projects.