ARCOM Group: at Auchan - with Visa card

ARCOM group provided Auchan with signature-capturing pin-pads Ingenico ISC 250 which will let buyers pay for purchases with a Visa credit card


Arcom received certificate of "Bank industrial center"

Arcom received certificate of 'Bank industrial center' which certifies that ARCOM UNIVERSAL EMV POS/SV ver.2.0 software for Pos terminals and Pin-Pads correspond to SVFE_ISO8583_1R38 protocol.

About the Company  The History of the Company

"Arcom Group Company" works in the field of payment technologies more than 15 years.

We have been cooperating with world leader in the field of development and sales of POS equipment – French organization "Ingenico" since 1996. Since 2004 we have became direct distributor of Ingenico. We perform delivery of equipment and its full cycle of maintenance, including post guarantee repair.

Since 2002 we perform outsourcing services on managing acquiring bank networks. "Arcom" takes all responsibility for stable work of equipment 24hours/7days per week, letting bank focus on evolving its business. 

Apart from long-term work with international distributors of equipment "Arcom" evolves its own manufacture in two ways – software and development of all-purpose self-service terminals.

In the field of software we can offer you standard, ready for service modules which match with almost every processing center and also development of specialized software – from supplements of EMV standard to accounting of budget money in hospitals on everyone insured by obligatory medical insurance. All our software products are created according to the international and Russian standards, and also according to all safety standards.